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Plastic Surgeons – Experts in their Field

Plastic Surgery and the techniques and technology utilised have grown significantly in the last 20 years and what was only available to the rich and famous is now available and affordable for most people. The reasons why people opt for plastic surgery varies, but ultimately the procedures make them look and feel better. If you have considered plastic surgery for either cosmetic or therapeutic purposes, it is advised that you have a full check up with your regular GP before undergoing any treatment. Your GP will be able to confirm whether you can have plastic surgery safely without any lasting after or side effects. If your GP gives you all the clear, it’s time to book an initial consultation with your plastic surgeon.

Many Australian plastic surgeons, particularly Brisbane plastic surgeons will probably have an informative website with all the information you need in order to make an informed choice of whether to use them or not. Aside from outlining the procedures they carry out; they will also highlight any specialities that they perform. Their website should also include a FAQ section where you can read the most commonly asked questions and the answers. Of course, if you do not see the question you want to ask detailed, you can always call or email the surgeon for clarification.

What Are the Most Common Procedures?

Some procedures carried out by plastic surgeons are more popular than others but the ones you will usually see featured on websites and other publications include but are not limited to:

  • Weight Loss Surgery
  • Liposuction
  • Breast Surgery
  • Before and After
  • Face and Neck Treatments
  • 3D Imaging

The above list is by no mean all the procedures these highly skilled surgeons can carry out but just serve as an example of some of the procedures available.

Plastic Surgery Pricing

The price of plastic surgery largely depends on the required procedure. If reconstructive surgery is required as the result of an injury or illness, some insurance companies may meet some or all of the costs, surgery carried out for purely cosmetic reasons is not usually covered.

Accreditations and Experience

Obviously, the main thing that you need to check before you engage the services of a plastic surgeon for any procedure are qualifications, experience and accreditations. Unlike some plastic surgery centres overseas, plastic surgeons in Australia need to abide by strict criteria and undergo years of vigorous training. Getting plastic surgery overseas may be cheaper but is really worth gambling on your health to save a few dollars? The newspapers and internet are awash with unfortunate people who underwent cheap plastic surgery overseas and then had to pay again in their home countries to have the procedures corrected, don’t risk it! Using a fully qualified Australian plastic surgeon rather than the overseas cheap options is definitely worth it and ultimately you have a cast iron guarantee that the surgeon is experienced and qualified to international standards.

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