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The Danger Of Soaking Tampons In Alcohol

It may sound very weird to hear about putting tampons in alcohol and then inserting it in the anus or vagina, it is not a rumor, there are certain teenagers that do this sort of thing. It is not a secret anymore that teenagers and young adults follow different ways to get intoxicated.

The days of having a simple beer, liquor, or wine are now gone, with the use of social media and the internet as just a tip touch the young ones find different and unique ways to get intoxicated that can even be dangerous or risky to live.

Why do teens use alcohol dipped tampons?

What can the reason be? It can be just because the teens don’t want their parents or guardians to know about their intoxication habits. Having a bad breath and letting their parents know would be bad so they find unique ways to get intoxicated.

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There are a lot of risks faced when you insert a tampon that is soaked in alcohol. One of the riskiest parts is that you would not have to try and control how intoxicated you get. When you consume alcohol it in some ways gets favors your wellness. When you drink more amount of alcohol than your body can handle you will end up vomiting.

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