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Transform Your Appearance with Implants

While you may want to smile, you may feel apprehensive about displaying less-than-perfect teeth. If you want to feel more self-assured and fill in the gaps, talk to a dentist about implantology. This innovative dental solution allows you to improve the looks of your teeth by adding artificial roots and restorations, such as fixed bridges or crowns.

Well Worth the Investment

While adding dental implants in Canberra can take some time, it is time that is well worth the investment. This type of dental restoration provides a permanent dental solution – a solution that mimics the functionality of natural teeth. Therefore, you can enjoy eating more, as well as talking with family and friends.

Titanium-Made Artificial Roots

Implants represent titanium roots that are commonly used to replace missing teeth. They are typically placed at a clinic under a local anaesthetic. In some cases, the surgery is performed in a hospital under a general anaesthesia or intravenous sedation. The implants function well, as they connect with the jaw bone and gum tissues in the mouth.

Almost Like Having the Real Thing

When you have implants, you are coming as close as you can get to having natural teeth. You can laugh, smile, or eat without worrying about your teeth. The implants, which are similar in design to screws, are placed in the jawbone where they naturally bond with the bone. In turn, they become an anchor for one or more artificial teeth.

Connecting the Implant and Restoration

An abutment, which is a connector, is placed on top of an implant to support a crown. The crown is tailored to match your other teeth and to fit easily into the dental profile. This type of design makes the placement of an implant one of the most secure and practical dental procedures.

A Fun and Interesting Fact

Did you know that a dental implant is the only restoration known to preserve bone and promote its growth? In fact, one orthopaedic surgeon in 1952—P.I. Branemark—found that titanium naturally fuses with bone. Therefore, he began focusing on its use in the mouth instead of with the hip or knee.

Dentally Innovative

As you can see, the use of titanium implants is one of the most innovative ways today to improve your smile and enjoy more activities. Having implants surgically placed makes life more enjoyable and gives people additional self-esteem.

Consult with a Dentist to Find Out If Implants Are Right for You

However, with that being said, each patient is different. Consult with your dentist to see if implants are right for you. The treatment depends on your dental and medical history, the condition of your jawbone, and your health needs overall. Treatment can be as short as six months or as long as a year.



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